1. How to connect VAXIS VISION?

Turn on TX, make sure there is signal input.

Make sure the APP status is ON in the TX settings option.

Open VAXIS VISION, enter the SSID and password of TX (can be found in the TX menu).

2. How to download mobile monitoring APP? 

Search "VAXIS VISION" in the App Store.

3. How to upgrade the firmware of Atom wireless system? 

You can upgrade online by connecting to VAXIS VISION, or go to the official website to download the latest firmware, and upgrade via USB drive. For the upgrade process, please refer to the user manual.

4. Can the dual HDMI of the Atom wireless system receiver output video signals at the same time? 

The dual HDMI interface can output signals simultaneously.

5. Why is the screen of the SLR camera turned off after the Atom wireless system is connected to the SLR camera? 

Canon 5D Mark III and other digital SLR cameras need to set "the screen remains on when connected to an external monitor".

6. What is the video output format? Does it support I format?

Atom wireless system can output the same video format as the camera. Atom wireless system will not convert the video format output from the camera's HDMI interface. Supports 1080p60, 1080p50, 1080i60, 1080i50, 720p and other common video formats.

7. If the transmitter and receiver of the Atom wireless system are powered by batteries, how long can they work?

F970 battery can work for about 6 hours; F750 battery can work for about 4 hours; F550 battery can work for about 2.5 hours. Different brands have different battery capacities and support different working hours.

8. How to power the transmitter and receiver of Atom wireless system?

Both the transmitter and receiver can be powered by SONY F550 / F750 / F970 batteries;

You can also use the power bank to supply power through the Type-C data cable.

9. What is the difference between Storm series and Atom series?

Storm series products are professional products without delay. Atom series products have a delay of about 100ms, but the price is much more affordable.

10. What is the minimum physical distance when pairing Vaxis kit?

Please make sure the distance between the TX and RX is at least 100cm so they can pair up. 

STORM series wireless video system

11. Can a Storm receiver be paired with multiple transmitters simultaneously?

A single Storm receiver can only be paired with and receive video from (1) transmitter at a time.

But you can switch the channel to receive the signal from TXs one at a time.

12. How many Storm receivers can be paired with each transmitter?

You can pair to one TX with unlimited RXs as long as they are in the same channels.

13. Audio Input Specifications on VAXIS product line?

Storm series and Atom series products support embedded audio.

Audio must be embedded in the first SDI channels, and in PCM (not encoded or compressed) format.

14. Will it convert from SDI input to HDMI output using a Storm TX and RX?

Yes, you can have HDMI input converted to SDI output, or SDI input converted to HDMI output.

This feature is built-in, and the conversion will proceed automatically.

15. Can Storm series products send SDI metadata (time code / record flags)?

Yes, all Storm series manufactured after 2018 are capable of sending metadata.

16. What are the maximum range for VAXIS?

Vaxis TX and RX can connect to each other to the following maximum distance (subjects to environmental conditions and other sources of interference):

Storm 800: 800ft

Storm 1000s: 1000ft

Storm 3000: 3000ft

Storm 3000 DV: 3000ft

Storm 3000 DG: 3000ft

Storm 5000 RX (paired with Storm 3000): 5000ft

17. Is there reverse polarity power protection on Vaxis?

Yes. Make sure you plug the power cable before connecting the video signal cable, as it might cause problem to the video cable end.

18. How many Storm systems can be used at one facility?

Vaxis has successfully tested up to 10 simultaneously in one facility. In theory, the maximum number is 20.

19. Does Storm series work with Atom series products?

No, they don’t. Storm series products are compatible with each other, and Atom series products are compatible with each other. 

20. What are the resolution and frame rate limitations? Can it transmit 4K?

Storm supports all standard frame rates and resolutions from 1080p60 and below, but not 4k or higher.

Troubleshooting process for Vaxis Storm series 

I Cannot turn it on (transmitter and receiver)

1. Check whether the power connection is correct and whether the connected cable is damaged (check whether the cable or interface is damaged).

2. Check whether the battery has enough power (check whether the battery is sufficient and the battery is installed correctly).

Ⅱ No picture on the receiving (not even Vaxis LOGO is displayed)

Check whether the receiving end is normally turned on.

Check whether the SDI / HDMI cable is damaged and the connection is correct (whether the big/small monitor mode is consistent).

Check whether the SDI / HDMI interface of the large/small monitor is intact and whether the format is supported.

Ⅲ No signal / no picture at the receiving end 

1. Check whether the frequency points of the receiving and transmitting ends is the same.

2. Check if there is signal input at the TX of the transmitter (whether the signal and format display on the display)

NO VIDEO appears in TX 1. Check whether the SDI / HDMI connection is normal and whether the connection cable is damaged. 2. Check whether the camera / camcorder has signal output, and whether the output format image transmission is supported.

The TX display shows normal 1. Check whether there is interference / cross-frequency in the shooting environment (replaceable frequency point or detect with Vaxis scanner) 2. Check whether the receiver exceeds the actual transmission distance or there are many obstructions (The receiver can be detected 3-5 meters away from the transmitter)

Ⅳ Receiver signal is weak/unstable/mosaic / monitor screen flash

1. Check if the image transmission is placed in the correct way.

2.Check if the antenna is installed well.

3. Check whether the antenna is damaged (you can open the engineering menu to detect).

4.Check whether the SDI / HDMI cable is good (need to replace the SDI / HDMI cable to test).

5. Check if there is interference / cross-frequency in the surrounding environment (replaceable frequency points or detected with Vickers scanner to avoid use near interference sources such as airports, high-voltage wires, high-frequency TV broadcasts).

Ⅴ The monitor display is abnormal (the color is not correct)

1.Check if the SDI / HDMI cable is loose or damaged (requires replacement test).

2.Check whether the monitor parameters are normal (recommend to restore the factory settings).

Ⅵ Unable to use Vaxis 058/072

Check if you are using Vaxis new Atorm series video transmitter.

Check if the 058/072 frequency point is the same as the transmitter.

Check whether there are A frame and A signal showing when 058/072 is connected. A. If there is A signal, it means that 058/072 is not opened.

Ⅶ Flashing and reconnecting when recording with ATOMOS Flame / Flame Oculus

1. Turn off the 0 seconds function.

2. To check the ATOMS Atomos Shogun Flame/Inferno version, you need to adjust the version to the Atomos flame 7.11 and Atomos INFERNO 9.0.

Trouble shooting process for Vaxis Atom series

Ⅰ Unable to connect

Check the Atom version information. You need to update it to the latest version.

 Change transmitter frequency.

 Perform manual pairing.

Ⅱ Can't find the password to connect APP

Check the Atom version information. You need to update to the latest version.

If the customer cannot find the password of the Atom transmitter for APP connection, it is necessary to connect the Atom transmitter and the receiver to display the password.

Ⅲ Sound picture delay

Check the Atom version information, you need to update to the latest version.

If there is a delay in the sound picture, the Atom transmitter and receiver need to be restarted.

Ⅳ Canon camera appears HDMI disconnect signal by pressing the menu button

Check the Atom version information, you need to update the version to the latest version.

Check if the Canon camera turns on the HDMI mirror. If the HDMI signal is off, turn on the camera’s HDMI mirror.

Ⅴ When the camera shoots 4K, the Atom shows NO VIDEO or the output only displayed a part.

Check the Atom version information, you need to update the Atom to the latest version.

Check whether the camera output is a standard 1080 signal. Atom 500 does not support 4K output. When shooting 4K, the camera HDMI output must be set to 1080.

Note: In case of problems unidentifiable, please send email to info@vaxis.cn or contact us via phone, 400-014-7080.